Reiki Technique to Sending Reiki Love and Light to the Earth During Troubled Times ©

By Jerry Mikutis, Reiki Master Teacher

“The difference between a flower and a weed is judgement” ~Unknown

During this unprecedented time of societal upheaval of the effects of COVID-19, you may have emotions such as sadness, anger, grief, worry or any other emotion that makes us feel yucky. Sending Reiki to the Earth when feeling these charged emotions are rising to the surface uses the energy of the emotions to transmute them to a higher vibration as well as tapping into the connection we have with the Collective of the physical Earth and all the people on it. I have been using this technique almost every morning as I wake up, not only am I dealing with my own emotional shifts during this time, but as a sensitive person, I’m feeling the emotions of the collective during the quiet of the early morning hours. I keep an aquamarine crystal next to my bed specifically for this.

You can use crystals such as rose quartz, fluorite or aquamarine, or whatever stone you have that speaks to you as appropriate for this exercise. Using crystals is not necessary for this technique.


  • Connect to Reiki. Close your eyes. Take a few moments to center yourself, take a few deep breaths from your belly. Notice how it feels to be in your body in this moment in time. Draw your awareness to whatever emotions are arising at this time. If you are Level 2 or higher, connect with the energy of the distant symbols and whatever symbol feels appropriate for you at this time. If you are level 1, don’t worry about using the symbols.


  • Visualize the Earth as a tiny ball, either floating in front of you with your hands facing the ball, or cradled in the palms of your hands. You can hold the crystal in your hands as well and visualize the Earth inside the crystal.


  • Focusing on the lower vibration emotion that you may be feeling and use the intensity of that energy to send Reiki to the Earth inside your hands. Also send Reiki to all the people and places on the Earth, for we are all one, and never before in our lifetimes have we experienced that on this scale.
    Continue to send Reiki for as long as you can. At least 20 minutes is ideal, but 5 minutes is better than nothing.


  • When you are ready to finish sending Reiki to the Earth, finish with a few moments of gratitude for the Earth sustaining us, for all the people in your lives, your health, yourself, your connection to Reiki, all the Reiki guides and anything else you feel compelled to to share the sense of gratitude with. Open your eyes whenever you are ready.


I hope this has been a useful meditation for you. I would love to hear your experiences with this meditation. If you share this with others, please credit me.