Immigrant Children, Mrs. Takata and Our Basic Humanity

As you know, I’m a Reiki teacher, which is a practice/art/modality that this particular linage derives from Japan. While it may be common knowledge that Reiki was “discovered” in the early 1920s, but what may not be well known within the history is the jump that it made from a Japanese practice to something that is primarily practiced in the western world today. Google it, Reiki isn’t that big in Japan, or not in a public way that it is in here, which blows my mind because it’s a practice of Japanese origin! (And while it’s of Japanese origin, it’s for all the peoples of the earth).

Reiki Q&A: Post Class Cleanse?

Hi Jerry, It just dawned on me that we didn’t discuss any post attunement cleanse. Friends of mine who have had level 1 have mentioned this to me and I’ve read that it is crucial. Should I plan to follow the 21 days of cleansing and self practice? I know these things are generally beneficial but I would love to learn your thoughts. Thank you! ~ Kelsey

My First Instagram Yoga Challenge

The first 14 days of March, I participated in my first Instagram yoga challenge, despite doing yoga for 13 years and teaching for 9. I had stayed away from doing openly visible things with my yoga practice and body.

My Mom: A Half Year Later

When my mom showed me this photo of her when I was about her age, I had a hard time believing it was her. The little girl in this photo has blonde hair and I’ve always known her to have dark brown hair like me. I’ve never had hair that light, but granted her hair might seem so fair because of the lighting, the camera work of the early post-war years, the black and whiteness of the photo.