A space for Jerry’s musings about Reiki, yoga, veganism, spirituality, and the adventures of life in general. Look here for guest posts from her students about their experiences with Reiki.

Testimonial: Distance Reiki Healing Session

While it may seem counterintuitive to prefer distance sessions over in-person, this past year of social distancing has pushed me into doing that I didn’t think I’d ever do! And in that process, I’ve found that Distance Reiki has the potential to be far more powerful than in person.

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The Chakras!

As you welcome the Reiki energy into your life (through a Reiki session, meditation or attunement class), you may experience shifts in different levels of your being. Understanding the chakras and their corresponding physical and energetic components…

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The Eighth Chakra: Soul Star

The Soul Star Chakra is where the Soul resides in this lifetime. The location is about 6 inches to a foot above the 7th Chakra, the Crown. In addition to the location of the Soul, it is a connection, a gateway to Reiki and the high frequency light of the Universe, the One Great Life that we all originate from.

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It’s Still Spring: Flowers!

Spring is my favorite time of the year. The earth seems to come alive after the long slog of winter, but it’s always been alive. It’s the shifting of Cosmic and Earth energies that we see. It’s so evident in the first flowers of the year.

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Cosmic Energy: The Magic of the Universe

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I connect to the energy of the Earth whenever I am in the Reiki energy, whether it is leading a Reiki meditation, a Reiki circle, giving a private session, or even connecting to the magic of Reiki for my own benefit.

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Third Eye: To See

Sixth Chakra is the Third Eye. The Sanskrit is Ajna. To perceive, to see. The energetic center is in the middle of the forehead in between the eyes. The element is light. The body parts are the eyes, the pineal gland in the midbrain.

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Fifth Chakra: Expression

The Sanskirt for the Throat Chakra is Vishuddha, purification. The throat chakra is located between the head and the heart, it purifies one’s feelings and thoughts.

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Heart Chakra: Raison d’être

When I give Reiki sessions to others and even for myself, the heart is the area that is most requested for healing. While all the Chakras are important and influence one another, the heart is the center of it all.

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Third Chakra: I Want to Shine!

Next in the chakra series is the power center, the Third Chakra, the Solar Plexus, Manipura, City of Jewels. The color is yellow like the Sun. How we shine as individuals within the collective.

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