HI Jerry. It just dawned on me that we didn’t discus any post attunement cleanse. Friends of mine who have had level 1 have mentioned this to me and I’ve read that it is crucial. Should I plan to follow the 21 days of cleansing and self practice? I know these things are generally beneficial but I would love to learn your thoughts. Thank you! ~ Kelsey 


Hi Kelsey, Great question! The “cleanse” associated afterwards with a Reiki attunement/placement is your system adjusting to the newer and higher vibration that comes with a Reiki attunement, so there isn’t really anything you do, it’ll happen naturally. When you take a Reiki class and get attuned, your vibration raises, not just energetically, but on all levels, including physically and spiritually. A lower vibration and higher vibration cannot coexist, so things may shift in your life. The lower vibration things that no longer serve you will gently make it’s way out of your life as you connect to the higher vibrations that come with Reiki.

Giving yourself Reiki every day is beneficial for your growth process of adjusting to the higher vibrations of Reiki

Intention is crucial. I was taught back in 2010 that there was a 21 day cleanse typical for Reiki students after classes, that it was 21 days long, spending 3 days in each of the 7 main chakras. However, over time I’ve come to understand that all is needed is a focus on having a joyous and harmonious shift to each level of Reiki, that the changes are gentle and peaceful. I have noticed that with Holy Fire Reiki, the shifts are far more gentler and yet powerful. Daily practice of Reiki is important for maintaining and solidifying your connection to Reiki. Give yourself a Reiki treatment every day, whether you have 5 minutes or a full hour to focus on being in the loving vibes of Reiki.

Much love and light,

Jerry 🙂

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