If you would like to experience Reiki through a personalized one-on-one session, please send me an email at [email protected].

Reiki sessions are amazing!

  • Relieves stress
  • Harmonizes and balances your body and emotions
  • Brings feelings of peace and joy and other wonderful feelings
  • Can help with clarity with problems and issues in your life
  • Progresses you along your spiritual path
  • And can just be fun!

I give these sessions over Zoom in real time from my home in Chicago.

While it may seem counterintuitive to prefer distance sessions over in-person, this past year of social distancing has pushed me into doing that I didn’t think I’d ever do! And in that process, I’ve found that Distance Reiki has the potential to be far more powerful than in person.

A session has the following:

  • Usually one hour, but can be longer
  • Personalized for your particular desires and needs
  • At least 45 minutes of nourishing and energizing Reiki
  • A brief intake interview and reflection
  • Within the comfort and safety of your own home

I leave my camera on for the whole session. I often look like I’m meditating – because I am! I’m connecting with the loving consciousness of Holy Fire®  Reiki through a relaxed state and sharing it with the client.

You will have many wonderful experiences.

My student and client Katie B. shares her experience with distance Reiki:

“I had never received distance Reiki before, and even though I believe in the healing power of in-person Reiki, I was very skeptical about how distance Reiki would work. I scheduled a distance Reiki session with Jerry because I was under a lot of stress during COVID and I thought I might as well give it a try.

I was shocked at how powerful that Reiki session was! It felt stronger and more potent than any in-person sessions I’d had before. I even noticed some amazing detoxifying effects from the Reiki treatment! I practice the Ayurvedic ritual of tongue scraping every morning, and the toxins (called ama) that I scrape off are usually white, however the day after my treatment with Jerry, the ama had changed color significantly – it was brown. This only rarely happens if I’m doing a lot of work to detoxify my body, which I hadn’t been doing. I know that Jerry helped me release negative energy and toxins from my body with this distance Reiki session.

I’m so thankful to Jerry for her amazing ability to help me heal both my physical and energetic body with distance Reiki! I would definitely recommend her!”

If you have questions to see if a Reiki session is a good fit for you, please send me an email at [email protected]. We can chat!