We Do Not End When We Die

This past year has been quite the ride in loss and creating space. My father passed away suddenly of a heart attack in September of 2016. While he was in his 80s and he’s been gradually slowly down in the last decade and he was in rehab for weakness following a hospital stay, the death was sudden, raw and jarring. He was due to come home on Monday and he passed suddenly on Saturday, just 2 days before he was to get his biggest wish, to be at the home he built with my mom and had lived there for 49 years. But he got the next best thing, he passed quickly with my mom, his wife of 56 years, at his side.

My Reiki Life: Jen G.

My Reiki Life by Jen Gerenraich

A couple years ago, I was going through a really tough time in my life. My business took a massive nose dive south and I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I went into a bit of a depression and I was trying to find my “true self.” I know everything happens for a reason and I have been a dedicated meditation practitioner for many years but, I couldn’t shake this funk I was in. I started to look inside myself and really ask “what gives me joy? What do I really want to do for the rest of my life?”

My Reiki Story: Brenda K.

As an ardent receiver and practitioner of Reiki, I find myself attempting to explain the practice to those in my life who have not yet experienced it in a way that captures its essence and power without scaring off those adverse to “new age” or mystical practices. I have heard Jerry describe Reiki as a massage for the soul, other friends and colleagues describe Reiki as the channeling of a healing energy, a practice that activates the receiver’s inner healing powers that have been deactivated by adverse experiences and states such as trauma or injury, and others speak to the balancing of the chakras and cultivation of life force – prana, qi, barakah. All of these things resonate with me. When someone asks me what Reiki is I generally mention various pieces of these explanations, emphasizing that it is a gentle, noninvasive practice, and offer them a Reiki session. People are always amazed at how relaxing, comforting, and healing a Reiki session is.

The Power of Intention with Reiki

As a teacher, the Reiki Level 1 can be one of the most challenging of the Reiki attunement classes, but it’s also the most fun. Walking in the students want to access the wondrous and healing Universal Life Force Energy that is Reiki, but they’re very disbelieving that THEY, mere mortals, can access and use something so seemingly intangible as Reiki. And it’s so amazing to show them that they can access this power on their own.