“When we begin to see each other through what the metaphysician calls the third eye, we begin to know each other on a level that is beyond what our physical eyes can see.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Sixth Chakra is the Third Eye. The Sanskrit is Ajna. To perceive, to see.

The energetic center is in the middle of the forehead in between the eyes.

The element is light.

The body parts are the eyes, the pineal gland in the midbrain.

The pineal gland is the organ that regulates one’s circadian rhythms guided by the influx of light through the day and night.

The color is indigo. The dark blue reminds me of looking at the night sky, the hundreds and thousands of twinkling stars. Each dot in the vastness of the universe, the potential of what could be known.

Intuition, dreams, visions, source of knowledge and wisdom are the realm of this chakra. As well as access to the source of all knowledge.

Intuition is one’s inner intelligence, free of outside influences.

There are 2 petals to the Third Eye. The left petal is logic and reason. It focuses on analytical thinking and structure. The right petal is tuned into the mystical realm that belies logic. To have a fully awakened third eye is to have both petals open. To be grounded in the structure of logic as well as connected to the unlimited possibilities.

There is a technique taught in Level 1 Reiki, Reiji Ho, that works towards awakening the Third Eye chakra, which will allow one’s intuition and Reiki to guide one in how to proceed.

To do Reiji ho before a session, or other times that you would like to be divinely guided, such as before you start your day:

1) Connect with Reiki.
2) With your hands in gassho, raise them up to the center of your forehead.
3) Ask to be guided by Reiki and your intuition.

Third Eye Chakra Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay

Milky Way night sky with trees Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay