I recently had a private Reiki clients where I shared the energy for the first time with a set of twins. After the session, we started talking about Reiki, energy, positive vibrations and living the live you want, and they shared that they were doing a year long program with Tony Robbins to help them get there.

All I knew of Tony Robbins was from the pop culture influences of the late 80s and 90s, a tall man with dark hair and cheesy big grin that seemed bigger than his even bigger face. With his television appearances and infomercials, he seemed almost like a scam artist, at the very least someone I wouldn’t dare take seriously. He recently came upon my radar once more a few years ago with his guest appearance in the movie Shallow Hal to help Jack Black’s character see women for their personalities rather than their looks. I still wasn’t a believer.

So the natural skeptic in me was rather surprised that my clients said that they were doing his program, they seemed like logical, levelheaded people, you know NORMAL. But then again, they were getting a Reiki session from me and who am I to talk? 🙂

I was still skeptical, but intrigued as they mentioned a few details about how he teaches about how to get into the flow, where life is magical.

This follows the line of thought that your reality is determined by your thoughts. I’m a big believer of this, while it’s taken me many years to get there. I’ve seen it working my life through various experiences, from diving into my yoga practice and then finding Reiki being a natural expansion of that. I used to be someone that thought that the world was out to get me, that nothing ever went right, and I’ve seen this disproven time after time, slowly over the years. I feel that I’ve come a long way since that shy, insecure girl that sat alone at lunch in high school with no friends, and yet I still feel that I have much more to go.

I recently had this with reading Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life and I was surprised at the subtle shifts that it brought me in a sense of happiness, and I want to know more about this, as well as experience it in my life.

I went to the library to get a book of Tony’s, and knowing me, I love to read, but I rarely have patience to read long tomes, only having the patience to read a few chapters and then I’m done with the book, despite my desire to read the whole thing. Life happens!

I was grateful to find that there was one book that was a short read, less than 100 pages: Notes from a Friend.

True to form, I still haven’t finished it, but I skimmed to the final chapter to see if there was any additional important information that I needed before returning it to the library and I noticed his No-Complaining Challenge.

I’m a fan of gratitude. I try to take a few moments at the beginning and the end of each day to think of the things I’m thankful for, big and small, but this No-Complaint Challenge intrigued me.

I used to be a huge complainer, that there was no aspect of my life that was working out right for me, and I had plenty to say about it. Slowly over the years, I’ve tried not to complain publicly, and I don’t complain as much.

I try not to complain, i’ve seriously cut out much of my public griping, especially on Facebook. The few times that I do post a whiny post, I delete it just a few minutes later, thinking “no one wants to be pulled down into my negativity.”

But I still complain, albeit much less than in the past.

So I’m going to take this “No Complaining Challenge” for the next ten days. That obviously means no complaining or negative thoughts consistently, and redirecting my thoughts if I find myself in a whiny mood (because it does happen to me more often than you’d think!).