Heart Chakra

When I give Reiki sessions to others and even for myself, the heart is the area that is most requested for healing. While all the Chakras are important and influence one another, the heart is the center of it all.

The Heart Chakra is the center of the Chakra system, not unlike the sun in the solar system. In Traditional East Asian Medicine, the heart is the emperor of the body, and all the other organs serve her.

Magnetism is the force that keeps the planets of the solar system rotating around the sun. It is the scientific principle of 2 or more objects being attracted to (or repelled from) one another, and is that not another way of saying love?

Man in natureLove rules the heart. Love is our raison d’être, the driving force of why we exist. We can’t really explain what it is, but we all know it and desire it above all else. And it’s on everyone’s mind, when I google “love”, I get almost 12 billion results!

The energetic location is the center of the chest. The body parts are the heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders, arms and hands.

The heart creates the grand cross of the chakra system, uniting the lower chakras of the outer world of manifestation and the upper chakras of the inner experience, with the arms radiating out directly from the heart. What we do with our hands in the world is a direct manifestation of what is in our hearts.

The heart chakra is green and pink.

The green is associated with plants. The sun radiates its light, its warmth, its love; traveling millions of miles to the plants on earth. The plants take in this light. Through the process of photosynthesis, it transmutes the carbon dioxide that we breathe out as humans into the oxygen that we take in through the lungs, the wings of the heart. With each breath, the lungs squeeze the heart, which massages the heart. This then sends out the oxygen throughout the entire body in the blood via the circulatory system, infusing our bodies with the energy of the Sun.

Pink is gentle, and we need that for our hearts!

Man in nature with overlay of heart with light at the center Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

Heart Chakra Image by Peter Lomas from