Mercury Retrograde in Gemini
May 29 – June 22, 2021

The second Mercury Retrograde (MR) of 2021 begins on May 29th and ends on June 22nd, all within the sign of Gemini.

For the next 3 weeks, when Mercury travels backwards from our perspective, all things relating to this planet will be weird, such as:

  • communication
  • ideas
  • travel
  • technology
  • people with strong placements in either Gemini or Virgo in their natal chart

Since this particular MR moves through the sign it’s closely aligned with, Gemini, expect the above aspects to be more of kliter than normal especially if you have strong placements (Sun, Moon, Rising among others).
Tips for surviving and thriving MR in Gemini:

  • Notice things in your past that may come up (such as an ex reaching out, but don’t get back together with them!)
  • Connect with those in your close circle, such as close friends, neighbors and siblings
  • Go with the flow if reliable things relating to technology don’t go as smoothly as normal, such as computers, cell phones, internet, etc.
  • Take a chance to be a homebody
  • Destress through self care such as meditation and Reiki! Get Reiki sessions or give yourself self-Reiki

The second Mercury Retrograde of 2021 begins on May 29 at 24° Gemini and ends on June 22 at 16° Gemini. To understand how this particular MR affects you, look at the houses, planets and aspects in your natal chart between 16° and 24° Gemini. My own natal Mercury is directly in Gemini in the 10th house at 18° right in the middle of this particular retrograde, so I expect to be these next few weeks to be a journey inwards (the Retrograde) as well as reflecting on my career and how I am in the outer world (10th House).

As always, I offer weekly Reiki Circles and Reiki Meditations to help you destress, find a place of calm and peace within yourself and connect with others (your Reiki neighbors!).

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Image of the planet Mercury transiting in front of the Sun by Comfreak from Pixabay