How to have a Good Monday

Mondays have started being my favorite day of the week – surprising, right? It’s typically the day that’s filled with early mornings, recovering from the weekend, starting the responsibility portion of the week for many of us.

But why are Mondays good days for me? It is also the day of the weekly Reiki Circle that I host online.

Reiki circles are a chance for Reiki practitioners to get together, meditate, do Reiki sessions on one another, and generally be in the positive vibes with like-minded people on a similar spiritual path. “Reiki share” is another way of describing this type of event. The terms “circle” and “share” are used interchangeably – personally, I prefer “circle” because it signifies the powerful connections that develop between the attendees, more of a state of “being” rather than “doing.”

With this Reiki Circle being online, it’s been a wonderful chance to connect with people from all over the country that I wouldn’t normally see. Or as often or as much! While the event is 6PM Chicago time and many of the regulars are local to Chicago, many of us are vist from Oregon, Canada, California, Atlanta, Virginia, Texas, Arizona, New York – the list goes on!


What: Reiki Circle
Where: Online via Zoom
When: Mondays, start time 6PM CST (4PM PST, 7PM EST), usually for an hour
Who: Anyone! Those Reiki attuned and curious about Reiki

Click here to read more and sign up.