Hi Jerry. My question may sound silly, but I really am not sure. I have been doing Reiki on my crystals. But I’m not sure what is the function of a crystal that is infused with Reiki. Can you explain it to me? I put the crystals (near me) when I meditate. I gave one for my husband to put on his desk at work. I am not super crystal savy, but I use the info I have to have them help me a little Thank you!
Sat Nam.
– Dyal Raj (Vivian)

Hi Vivian!

There are no silly questions! Do you feel/sense anything extra when you use crystals for your meditation with or without Reiki? Which crystals do you use and why do you use those crystals? Why do you use the crystals when you meditate?

Crystals are physical manifestations of the earth. The reason why I ask how you use the crystals, that the colors and elements that the crystal are composted of enhance certain aspects. For example, rose quartz has a pinkish hue, and the soft pink is connected to the heart chakra and gentle sense of love. Citrine is yellow, and it corresponds well with the solar plexus and bringing things to form (manifestation) and power. The more you work with crystals, you will begin to develop your own language of understanding them and how they’d like to be used. It sounds like you’ve already started that by placing them by you when you meditate and giving them to your husband to have near him at work. Some people feel vibrations when they hold them, some see colors, some hear tones and sounds, and some just feel good during or after using them. There is no wrong way of interacting with crystals, the ways to interact with them are infinite! The way you choose is right just for you.

And with Reiki’ing crystals (or any other object), we are infusing them with the unconditional love of Reiki into them, so it’s more amped to that vibration. Crystals are super charged aspects of Mama Earth as well, and different crystals are amped at different levels depending on the size, quality and so on. Also when you Reiki them, it helps clear out any possible negative energy so only positive vibrations are there. Crystals are also amplifiers (especially clear quartz) – so if there’s anything negative or energies that don’t belong, it will amplify that. So Reiki makes sure you’re just working with pure unconditional love!

Placing these Reiki charged crystals near you when you meditate or on your husband’s desk helps infuse the environment with these peaceful and joyful vibes.

One way to infuse a crystal with Reiki is to activate Reiki in your hands, hold the crystal and allow the crystal to be infused. It will feel very similar to when you give a person Reiki. This can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, using your awareness of the energy flow. The crystal is now full of Reiki vibrations!

Much love,

Jerry 🙂

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