In my Reiki meditations, I often bring awareness to the aura, which is an important part of understanding who you are and your orientation in the world.
The aura is: 

  • Your personal space
  • Extends beyond your physical body
  • The shape and size is influenced by your habits, emotions, events, the influences are endless!
  • It is composed of your life force, your vitality, the spark that makes you ALIVE

We all have an aura and we’re constantly interacting with each other’s auras whether or not we are consciously aware of it.
If you’ve ever been talked into the corner at a party by a close talker, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You weren’t touched in any way (hopefully!) but you felt your personal space being violated and had to move away. 
On a more positive note, you may walk into a room and someone is extremely happy, and you can’t help but be happy around them even if you don’t interact with them in any way. That is an example of auras communicating with each other.
Our emotions are within and influence the aura and this can be reflected by how we feel around different people. We’re more likely to feel sad around sad people and happy around those who are happy.

When you are receiving a Reiki session, taking a Reiki Attunement class or meditating with the Reiki energy, not only is your physical body receiving the loving blessings of Reiki, but the auric field is as well. Whole being wellness and balance!

Auric awareness is a key component to becoming happy and healthy in your whole being.

If you would like to bring harmony to your entire being and expand your awareness to observe your aura, please join me for the weekly Reiki Meditations.
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Image of the Outline of an Aura with a Rainbow Background by Doreen Sawitza from Pixabay