My Reiki Story: Jennifer D.

Hi! Jerry here. Please welcome Jennifer D., a lovely soul, as she shares her Reiki story. 

My Reiki Story: Jennifer D. 

A year ago I had no idea what Reiki was or that it would be a major influence in re-connecting with my spiritual side. In the past year, or perhaps the last two years, I have been a journey of immense personal and, more recently, spiritual growth.

The Pause: After 14 Years…

And like that, 14 years have come and gone.

I turned in my keys to my Chicago apartment just an hour ago, a place I had called home in East Lakeview. (Note: I will still be teaching Reiki and maybe yoga classes in Chicago – check my schedule for upcoming dates!)

My Reiki Story: Brenda K.

As an ardent receiver and practitioner of Reiki, I find myself attempting to explain the practice to those in my life who have not yet experienced it in a way that captures its essence and power without scaring off those adverse to “new age” or mystical practices. I have heard Jerry describe Reiki as a massage for the soul, other friends and colleagues describe Reiki as the channeling of a healing energy, a practice that activates the receiver’s inner healing powers that have been deactivated by adverse experiences and states such as trauma or injury, and others speak to the balancing of the chakras and cultivation of life force – prana, qi, barakah. All of these things resonate with me. When someone asks me what Reiki is I generally mention various pieces of these explanations, emphasizing that it is a gentle, noninvasive practice, and offer them a Reiki session. People are always amazed at how relaxing, comforting, and healing a Reiki session is.

The Power of Intention with Reiki

As a teacher, the Reiki Level 1 can be one of the most challenging of the Reiki attunement classes, but it’s also the most fun. Walking in the students want to access the wondrous and healing Universal Life Force Energy that is Reiki, but they’re very disbelieving that THEY, mere mortals, can access and use something so seemingly intangible as Reiki. And it’s so amazing to show them that they can access this power on their own.

New Event! Introduction to Reiki!

On Wednesday June 8th, I will be leading an experiential workshop about Reiki at Universal Wellness Source in Lakeview, Chicago. Reiki is an energy balancing modality that induces a state of peace and joy in the body, mind and spirit. It is so relaxing that just one...