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Chicago Reiki:

What is a Holy Fire® Experience?

Within Holy Fire® Reiki, there are many ways that the light of Reiki is shared and one of them is Experiences.
Experiences are meditation journeys where a Holy Fire® Reiki master guides you into a relaxed and receptive state to be aware of the loving vibrations of Holy Fire® Reiki. The Holy Fire® meets each person where they are at, so they receive exactly what they need in that moment in time. People often have deeply healing experiences, and feel very calm and peaceful.

They are similar to shamanic journeys in that the participant has their own unique experience of their own inner landscape, whether it is visions, auditory experiences, sensory (feeling changing sensation in the body), or just a very deep sense of serenity.

I often facilitate Holy Fire experiences in the Wednesday night meditations, everyone is more than welcome.
Holy Fire® is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand. 

Image of several candles burning in the darkness by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay