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Holy Fire® is not separate from Usui Reiki, it is an evolution of Usui Reiki. 
The Universe is ever changing and ever evolving, and Reiki is a part of that ever expanding movement. 

Reiki is this wonderful and beautiful essence that leads to the Divine. As this divinity is filtered down through the various channels to the human plane, it expresses itself through various religions, spiritual paths and Enlightened beings known as the Ascended Masters. The Divine is infinite and there is no limit to its expansion. As humanity evolves, so does the Divine right along with it. 
In Holy Fire® Reiki, the energy of light is the same as it’s always been from Source, however what changes with Holy Fire® is how it’s shared and expressed. I see it as the source of Reiki being behind a sheet of paper that separates it from our plane of existence in the third dimension. There is a hole that was created when Usui Sensi had his moment of enlightenment on Mount Kurama in 1922, giving humanity the gift of Reiki. The size and shape of that hole has been consistent for nearly 100 years, and the amount of energy streaming out of it was revolutionary at the time and the years since.

Holy Fire® Reiki is connected to the same light behind the sheet, but now the sheet is changing, larger holes are being created. This allows more and more of the Divine light to be expressed in our dimension.
Holy Fire® Reiki would not exist without Usui Reiki, because it is an expansion of the Usui Reiki energies.


If you would like to experience Holy Fire® Reiki, please join me for my weekly Reiki Meditations, every Wednesday.

Reiki Meditation
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  • 3:30AM Thursday Iran
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Holy Fire® is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand.

Image of a circle of candles lit in the darkness by photosforyou from Pixabay