Continuing to move upwards in the journey of the chakras of the body, the next chakra after the heart is the Throat. 
The Sanskirt for the Throat Chakra is Vishuddha, purification. The throat chakra is located between the head and the heart, it purifies one’s feelings and thoughts. 
The color is sky blue. The color of pale blue embodies clarity and peace.

The energetic center is the throat. The body parts are the throat, tongue, jaw, and ears – all the organs that give way to interacting in the world.
The element is ether, space and sound.

Expression, finding one’s voice, is the primary function of the throat chakra. This includes speaking the truth and saying what needs to be said in a harmonious way. It can also include embracing the quiet at the appropriate time. It is the partner to the second chakra of creativity in that the throat chakra is the outlet, the outward expression of the creative force.
When I took my first Reiki class in Chicago back in 2010, I had hormonal acne along my jaw. It wasn’t something that was truly terrible (but honestly, are zits ever great?), but it was something I had dealt with my entire adult life. I really didn’t have that many spots on my face, but it was something that was always there. There would be one pimple that showed up along my jaw. A week later, it would disappear, but I’d get 2 more on the other side and by the time those healed, the original one came back. About a month after the initial Reiki classes, I realized that my jaw was clear of any blemishes and to this day it hasn’t returned. 
I believe that being attuned to Reiki brought balance to my throat chakra. My constant acne was a physical manifestation of my inability to express myself in healthy ways, both by bottling up my emotions and thoughts as well as when I did get it out, it was often full of sadness or anger. I find it wonderful and miraculous that the simple act of taking a Reiki class and allowing the wonderful energy to be present in my life helped clear something seemed superficial, yet I was deeply embarrassed by it.

Throat Chakra Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay