How Long Does it Take to Learn Reiki - Graphic
How long does it take to learn Reiki? There are 2 answers! Only a few days over a period of 6 months minimum. In terms of actual learning within a class environment for my classes that I teach in the Holy Fire® tradition, the following is the general outline for each course:

  • Level 1 – 1 Day that is about 8 hours long
  • Level 2 – Again, 1 Day that is about 8 hours long
  • Master Level – 3 Full days (Can be taken about 6 months after a Level 2 course)
  • Karuna® Master Level – 3 Full days (Can be taken about 6 months after a Level 2 course)

However the second answer is in my opinion once you begin the journey of learning Reiki, it is constantly unfolding and it never ends. There is always something new to learn, another level of your awareness to expand into a deeper understanding. I’ve been doing Reiki since 2010 and there is a constant revealing of something new about Reiki that I had never seen or realized before. 
Lately I have been focusing on Byosen Scanning before and after each Reiki session and I have to admit that I am astounded at the richness of information I have realized in the last few months that I had never been aware of previously in my Reiki practice.

If you would like to begin your journey in learning the healing art of Reiki, I have many classes coming up, both in Chicago and online. Please check my schedule.
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Image of a person with a purple flower with the word “Reiki” in the center by Bettina Dohse from Pixabay.