This past weekend’s amazing weather of warmth and lots of sunshine lead to a long walk/hike with some good friends  in Ryerson Woods, just north of Chicago. It felt more like June or July than the typical chill of early May!

Ryerson Woods is a nature area, with good chunks of trails amid trees without any sign of civilization – no cars, no blaring signs or sounds trying to get your attention and we hardly saw any people! A nice surprise after our first choice of the Chicago Botanic Gardens was overpopular and overcrowded as well as reducing the admittance numbers.

Aside from the wonderful company of my friends (one of them I haven’t seen in over a year because of the pandemic social distancing – yay vaccine!) my favorite part was the surprise of seeing all the trilliums! Trilliums are a wildflower part of the lily family and they have 3 leaves and 3 petals, thus the tri in the name and rather dramatic in their simple way. I’ve only seen them once before in Door County, Wisconsin in May.

We saw the red Prairie Trillium first, followed by the more abundant white trilliums. There was literally a sea of trilliums at a few points, I made a joke that there were “millions and trillions of trilliums”! All kidding aside, I loved being able to see the multitude of flowers, another part of the phase of spring in the cycle of the year and the Earth.

This week’s Reiki meditation for Wednesday May 5th will be a journey to experience the rhythms of nature and honoring our own rhythms that flow in tandem with Mother Earth.

Reiki Peace Meditation
Wednesday May 5th, 2021
6PM Chicago time (4PM Los Angeles, 7PM NYC)
Online, sign up here.