Jerry Mikutis - Online Reiki Chicago Circle - wild daffodils

Online Reiki Chicago Circle: April 18th, 2022

Please join us for an hour of being in the loving vibration of Reiki.

During the Reiki Circle, we will connect to Reiki, then do a short self-Reiki treatment. This is followed by a group Reiki session where those of us who are Reiki attuned send to the group as a whole.

This event is for all, both those who are Reiki attuned as well as those interested in Reiki – we spend the time together being in the gentle and loving essence of Reiki.

You can sign up here for tonight’s event.

Reiki Circle

Online on Zoom

Most Mondays or Wednesdays at 6PM CST, please check the schedule.

  • 6PM Chicago
  • 7PM EST
  • 4PM PST
  • 3PM Alaska