Pile of white, furry puppies


A few months ago I was interviewed for my friend Corene Summers’s podcast Frequency Shifters hosted by her and her friend Alex Terranova. Our talk was about my work as a Reiki Master and how Reiki is a huge passion of mine.
While Corene knows Reiki (she’s one of my Reiki students and a Reiki healer in her own right!), Alex told me he didn’t understand what Reiki is, but the times he’s received it, he felt so good, like a pile of puppies was cuddling him. While I had never heard Reiki being described like that, I loved it!
So I leave you with this image of Reiki being a warm puppy cuddle. May the next time you send or receive Reiki it will be in the shape of a puppy; full of love, openness and pure acceptance of who you really are at the core of your being.

Image a pile of puppies cuddling by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay (text of “Reiki: It Feels like a Warm Puppy Cuddle” by me).