Jerry Mikutis - Reiki Chicago Meditation - The Light of your Wholeness

Reiki Chicago Meditation: The Light of your Wholeness

Monday November 14th, 2022

6:01PM CST, with InsightTimer

Tonight I look forward to connecting with you on InsightTimer for a meditation honoring your inner light, the light of your wholeness. I will be sending Reiki to everyone listening during this live online event. 

Reiki is a system of tools and techniques that opens and expands your perceptions to the enlightened realms that are always around us. You can feel relaxed, peaceful, loved and have a deep connection with all life in existence while experiencing Reiki.

FYI: This mediation will be one of my shorter ones, I expect to be done around 6:30PM CST.

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Photo of sunrise by me, Jerry Mikutis, on early morning of Lake Michigan in Chicago on Thursday November 10th, 2022.