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Chicago Reiki and Astrology: Capricorn Season 2021-2022

December 21, 2021-January 19, 2022

The freedom loving and ever expansive Sagittarius Season blends into the responsibility driven Capricorn Season.
Capricorn is inspired by Saturn, the furthest planet visible to the naked eye to us on Earth. To the ancients, Saturn was the planet that contained the boundaries of the known universe; for anything beyond that was the unknown void and therefore “unsafe” for that time period. Saturn and Capricorn is what  maintains the structure and order of our Solar System.
But there is a magic to Capricorn energy, they are born very old, full of responsibility and duty. But the  more they age, the younger they become, which is shown through the symbolism of the journey of the goat realizing its true nature in the unicorn. 
Capricorn is: 

  • Boundaries
  • Security
  • Adulthood
  • Responsibility
  • Physical manifestation through large entities that watch over society such as governments and corporations
  • The unseen magic made evident after hard work


Notable Astrological Dates for this Capricorn Season
December 19-January 29: Venus Retrograde in Capricorn
January 2nd: New Moon in Capricorn
January 14th: Mercury Retrograde begins in Aquarius (ends February 3rd in Capricorn)
January 17th: Full Moon in Cancer

Reiki Meditations for Capricorn Season
Online on Zoom
6PM Chicago time

Image of Capricorn symbol by Alexas_Photos from Pixabay