Chicago Reiki and Astrology Meditation - New Moon in Libra

Chicago Reiki and Astrology Meditation: New Moon in Libra 2022

Reiki Meditation of New Moon in Libra

Online via Zoom
Monday September 6th, 2022 at 6PM CST

Tonight’s Reiki Peace Meditation will be honoring the New Moon in Libra.

The energy of New Moons are all about presenting into physicality the mysteries of the universe. This is a perfect time for manifestation, creating our reality.

Libra is:

  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Justice
  • Idealism
  • Connecting with others
  • Ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty

As always, this meditation is infused with the healing and loving light of Reiki.

Reiki Meditation

Online via Zoom

  • 6PM Chicago
  • 7PM New York
  • 4PM California