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Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a crystal that helps with clearing and releasing anything that no longer serves me as well as protection. I energetically sense them as little sponges, absorbing the negative energies that no longer serve me.

It is an opaque and shiny black stone that forms in lines. Sometimes shiny mica is found within the black tourmaline. It is a more fragile stone, so care should be taken to protect it from harder crystals and objects to prevent it from breaking off into little fine shards.

It is associated with the root chakra, for grounding and protection, giving the user the right to be here in the physical plane.

I often will use it when I have a sudden rush of negative emotions, such as shock, fear or grief. I will place pieces of black tourmaline on the areas of my body that are experiencing the intensity of energy, such as the solar plexus or heart. I then will use another crystal to fill the space with positive energy, such as rose quartz for love and compassion.

Cleaning all stones is important, but it is especially so with stones like black tourmaline since they are like little energetic sponges and the negative energy needs to be cleared before using black tourmaline again.

If you would like to experience the earth magic of black tourmaline for clearing stuck and heavy energy and emotions, schedule a one-on-one Reiki and crystal session.

Image of raw black tourmaline stone by Anne Marie McCormack from Pixabay