collection of healing crystals and stones
Crystals have had a resurgence of popularity in the last few years. We carry them in our pockets, we place them around our homes, we wear jewelry loaded with beautiful gems, we meditate with them. I’m guilty of loving these rocks so much myself!

Why are we so enamored with crystals and stones?

I think we are looking for reminders that we are part of the natural cycles of life. During the past hundreds of years, humanity has seen itself as separate from the natural world. We have been conditioned to see nature as commodities for us to control and use as needed. Once it has served its purpose, it is cast to the side. We have forgotten that we are part of the Earth.

Crystals come from the Earth and they embody the Earth Energy of:

  • stability
  • grounding
  • structure
  • manifestation of physical form

Crystals are Creation itself.

In crystals, we are looking for physical reminders that we are part of the natural cycles of life. Not only that, they remind us that they are a reflection of who we are, that we see ourselves in them, from the sweet and gentle love of rose quartz to the mysterious iridescent shimmer of labradorite. To remind us that we are a part of nature, the One Great Life and the heavens.

If you would like to experience Reiki enhanced by the power of crystals, I offer 1:1 sessions of Reiki and crystals. Please contact me at [email protected] to see if this is a good fit for you.

Image of a collection of healing crystals by TessaMannonen from Pixabay.