Image of a raw hematite stone


Hematite is a stone that I have been working with for years within my Reiki practice.

It is a shiny dark grey stone that when polished has a smooth metallic appearance. 

Energetically, it is the stone of boundaries and reflection. I use it within my Reiki crystal healing for both connecting to grounding essence of the Root and Earth Star Chakras as well as establishing firm boundaries of outer layers of the aura.

 In addition to grounding and boundaries, the shiny exterior of hematite reflects one’s inner light back to them, enhancing and concentrating one’s sense of self and revealing more of their true essence.

If you would like to experience the grounded and reflective qualities of hematite in conjunction with other crystals and stones, I offer one-on-one Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions, both online through Zoom and in Chicago.

Image of a raw hematite stone by György Károly Tóth from Pixabay
Photo of polished and tumbled hematite by me