Scorpio SuperMoon Meditation
Wednesday April 28, 2021
6PM CST Chicago time, 7PM EST, 4PM PST


Tuesday morning at 12:32AM, the moon was full in the sign of Scorpio under the sun in Taurus. Not only that, it is also a Supermoon. The moon is definitely closer by how it looks so much bigger than normal when it woke me up early Monday morning, as seen in the photo! It was cool to see it hovering over the city lights.

The power of the full moon lies in its light. It is this illumination that shines on what no longer serves us so we can see what we need to release. This creates the space for what we wish to bring into our lives.

The sun is in Taurus. Taurus is the ultimate sign of physical security, the material world, beauty in physical form. The ultimate Earth Sign of stability and Earth energy. It is Creation, the contentment of being in the here and the now.

Directly opposite for a few days is the moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of deep emotions and transformation. Death and rebirth. Destruction, but only to create a new world.

Within the comfort and nourishment of a Taurus sun, this full moon in Scorpio invites us to release those deep emotions that no longer serve us. Taurus is holding space for the intensity of Scorpio.

This Wednesday’s Reiki Meditation will be honoring this month’s Scorpio Supermoon and the cycles of the celestial bodies.


Wednesday April 28th, 2021
6PM Chicago Time
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