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What Do You Learn in Reiki Level 2?

Chicago Reiki – Reiki Level 1 is an introduction to a system of accessing the Universal Life Force Energy that surrounds us all and Reiki Level 2 is a continuation of our awareness to the higher realms of love, peace, bliss and self acceptance.

In a Level 2 Reiki class, the following is explored:

  • A Level 2 placement, a ritual in which you are attuned to the energies and healing frequencies of Reiki Level 2
  • A meditation to connect with the true essence of Love: unconditional, Divine and without conditions
  • Techniques to connect with specific frequencies of Reiki: power, emotional harmony and distance
  • How to facilitate Reiki treatments for others
  • Demystifying distance Reiki and how to use it for yourself and others
  • Ancestral lineage healing
  • How to send love and peace to many intentions, including the Earth as a whole
  • A wonderful connection to the Divine through the revealing of your Authentic Self, who you really are at the core of your being

If you would like to continue on your journey with Reiki, I have many classes coming up, both in Chicago and online. Please check my Reiki class schedule for more information.

Image of purple cactus from directly above by REPIC_STUDIO from Pixabay