Jerry Mikutis - Reiki Chicago World Peace Meditation - Moon in the night sky with flock of birds

Reiki Chicago World Peace Meditation for 3.23.2022: The Koshas


Tonight’s Reiki Peace Meditation for Wednesday March 23rd, 2021 will be taking a journey through the layers of your being.

Tonight’s Reiki meditation will be exploring the koshas of your body. Kosha means “sheath” or layer in Sanskrit and they comprise the physical, energetic, emotional/mental, wisdom and spiritual layers of our being. This meditation will expand into sending Reiki and peace to the Earth and all living beings on her.

Reiki brings about a deep sense of peace, and during this meditation, I will be sending Reiki to everyone watching.

If you cannot make this time, but would like to meditate with us, this meditation will be on YouTube.

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