My friend Corene Summers of Artisan Farmacy along with her friend Alex Terranova have launched an exciting podcast this week: Season 1 of The Frequency Shifters Show

From their website:
“The Frequency Shifters Show is our way of creating the container to help facilitate our needed healing and awakening, bringing people together to share this ancient wisdom and empower others to recognize their own inner power. We are stronger and shine brighter, together. And we can utilize the hidden lessons within these mysteries, energies, patterns and connections to shift our minds and bodies into alignment with higher, finer frequencies; healing, elevating awareness and maximizing human potential.”

This show is full of wonderful interviews with various experts in the metaphysical and spiritual realms of knowledge and I’m honored to join them as I share about my love of Reiki and crystals. And you know I am passionate about those 2 things!
It was so much fun chatting with them. Corene and I shared about our conversations about all things metaphysical and spiritual during long walks through the Chicago parks. Alex shared with me that he doesn’t know much about Reiki, but it feels like “a warm puppy cuddle.” Isn’t that the cutest?
I hope you will check us out!
Much love,