Chicago Reiki Circle - sun over the ocean

Chicago Reiki Circle

Online on Zoom

Monday June 28th at 6PM CST (and most other Mondays)

Please note that on Monday July 5th, 2021, the Reiki Circle is canceled due to the holiday weekend. We will resume once more the following week on Monday July 12th.

Please join us for the weekly Reiki Circle (or Reiki Share!), where we come together virtually and meditate and share in the Reiki energy with each other. Even though we are all over the world, the connections we make through Reiki are very real and special.

The format for this week will begin with a centering and grounding meditation to settle into our bodies to create a sacred space wherever we are and then we will do what I like to call an “Ocean of Reiki.”

An “Ocean of Reiki” is a very fluid way of giving and receiving Reiki and is wonderful for all levels of Reiki practitioners as well as those who aren’t Reiki attuned, but curious. This also includes those who are Reiki attuned but may not be in a space to give Reiki because they are ill, stressed out or tired. In the “Ocean of Reiki,” we are sending Reiki for a set amount of time, usually around 30 to 40 minutes. Those present can send Reiki to the whole group the entire time, or send Reiki for 10 minutes, lay down to receive for 10 minutes and then send Reiki to the group for the remaining time. Or the attendees can just receive the loving vibes of Reiki the entire time. I love this format because it meets everyone at where they are at, with no pressure to give Reiki in structured amounts of time. I have found it to be incredibly powerful to have the waves of Reiki washing over the group, as if it was an ocean. We all are contributing to the Ocean and receiving what we need from the collective of Reiki as well. I hope you can join us!

Reiki Circle
Online on Zoom
Most Mondays at 6PM CST

  • 6PM Chicago
  • 7PM New York and Virginia
  • 4PM Los Angeles
  • 3:30AM Thursday Iran
  • 7AM Philippines

Image of the sun over the ocean by Pexels from Pixabay