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Do You Have to Take a Class to Do Reiki?

I was recently in a class with Colleen Benelli of ReikiLifestyle, a Reiki teacher in Portland, Oregon, and she shared something that I thought was very profound about Reiki as an energy and Reiki as a system. I have had amazing and profound experiences since getting my first Reiki sessions in the summer of 2010 and then taking my first attunement classes that fall. Without those sessions and classes, I would not have Reiki in my life in such a powerful way that it is currently.

Reiki in itself is simply the Universal Life Force energy that is freely available to all of us. It is the essence that flows through and enlivens all living things: plants, animals, minerals, the entire planet, the solar system and beyond as well as all of humanity.

So if it’s everywhere and easily accessible, why bother taking a class or getting a Reiki session?

That’s the logic I’ve struggled with since becoming aware of Reiki back in 2010.

Usui Reiki, Holy Fire® Usui Reiki, Karuna® Reiki as well as the multitudes of different types are systems of tools and techniques on how to expand your awareness to access Reiki.

Reiki is our divine birthright, it is everywhere, but sometimes we just need a little extra help in accessing it, and the various systems of Reiki is what makes it so more easily accessible.

If you are interested in deepening your awareness of the Universal Life Force energy that surrounds us, please join me for a Reiki 1&2 class. I teach online as well in Chicago. Please contact me at [email protected] to schedule a 20 minute Zoom video call to see if this is a good fit for you.

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