Chicago Reiki - brilliant rainbow over a body of water

Chicago Reiki Peace Meditation

Topic: Harmonizing the Chakras
Wednesday June 16, 2021 (and most other Wednesdays)
Online on Zoom

This week’s Reiki Meditation will be a journey through the rainbow of your chakras and harmonizing them with one another as a way to attain inner peace and bliss.

Many of the chakras reflect one another and we will be using Divine intelligence to synchronize them to bring balance and peace to our entire being.

And as always, we will end the meditation with sending Reiki and love to the Earth and acknowledging the divinity of the earth of the heavens and how that divinity is reflected in our own being.

I hope you will join us ~ Jerry

Reiki Meditation
Online on Zoom
Most Wednesdays at 6PM CST

  • 6PM Chicago
  • 7PM New York
  • 4PM Los Angeles
  • 3:30AM Thursday Iran
  • 7AM Thursday Philippines

Image of a brilliant rainbow over a body of water by David Mark from Pixabay